This way to the INGRESSThe aspectarian and what it means

AS = Ascendant

MC= Midheaven

Do not be concerned with the numbers or the symbols, in light yellow, next to the actual ASPECT symbol. That is for an advance lesson.

To read the aspectarian you would read first the symbol on the far left (the faster of the two planets aspected) and then find the planets you want to see if aspected at all with the top line.

For example, to find out what planets are aspected to SATURN you would find Saturn on the left vertical column and then read across that line to find that Saturn is aspected with the Ascendant which is sesquiquadrate and Uranus which is squared.

But that is not all the planets that are aspected with Saturn. That just indicates Saturn being the faster planet or the planet aspecting the slower planets. The Ascendant and Midheaven are not planets but are considered PERSONAL POINTS.

To find out ALL the planets aspecting Saturn you would need to look at the top horizontal row for the planets that are faster than Saturn and are making aspects. Here you find that: Moon is trined Saturn, Mercury is squared Saturn, Venus is sextiled Saturn, Mars is in opposition to Saturn, and Jupiter is in conjunction to Saturn.

To summarize Saturn is aspected with the faster planets of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter and the slower planets of Uranus and the personal point of the Ascendant.

ASSIGNMENT: Find all the planets that have HARD ASPECTS : oppositions, squares and inconjuncts/quincunxes and semisquares. Write them all out. For example, .

This will give you practice on writing the glyphs and memorizing them.

Next step, draw up an aspectarian (make a grid of 14 columns and 14 rows) for your own natal chart if you don't have one. (you can order a free natal chart here) Now see what interpretations you may have.



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