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Explanation of web site disclaimer

We are professional Astrologers at Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry (IRAI). We firmly believe in Astrology as a Science and Art. Therefore we do not produce the charts with our name on it as "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY". However, we can not be held responsible for actions taken by individuals using our service based on their own interpretation of our work. Free will is still a major component in any reading.

The information in this web site is accurate to the best of our ability. We advise you not to soley depend on this web site for critical information normally retrieved from a printed ephemeris.

We strongly urge aspiring astrologers to invest in the necessary hands on tools that are published for their work. Errors are more likely on the Internet than in published material. We appreciate you using our web site as a resource but emphasize the importance of library research and data.

We recognize the internet as viable venue for our science. It has greatly expanded the resources and options available to both astrologers and clients. Astrological interpretations created by software programs without the evaluation and interpretation of a trained and experienced astrologer should be considered incomplete.


EMAIL DELIVERY FOR PAID ORDERS:  Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry (IRAI) is not responsible for paid order email deliveries that are deemed non-deliverable by your internet mail provider.  All email providers should be able to deliver 2 megs of information and have .jpg and .gif format attachment capability. 

The default method of email is MSWord unless otherwise agreed to.  AOL and YAHOO mail addresses sometimes bounce back.  If you have a full mailbox or the graphic can't be displayed, IRAI will try only one more time to send it. After the second bounce, the account is considered closed and our contract is fulfilled.

CLOSED ACCOUNT: Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry will close an account and consider their end of the contract fulfilled if client FAILS to:

1) notify IRAI of the cancellation of consultation within 24  hours DURING business hours. (e.g.emailing at midnight the night before appointment will not suffice--it must be done by 6PM the day before)

2) propose second date and time for rescheduled appointment with the emailed cancellation or voice mail cancellation.

3) does not meet rescheduled cancelled appointment

4) second send of email interpretations fails

BUSINESS HOURS: 10 AM - 6 PM Monday through Friday unless otherwise specified by consulting astrologer

PAID PHONE CONSULTATIONS: All phone consultations will be paid for by the client.  Agreed upon time and date will be established with a confirmation email from the Astrologer.  The subject line of that email will read: CONFIRMATION.

The Astrologer will allow a 15 minute tardiness period before closing the account.  If the astrologer does not hear from the client and is a no show the account is closed which means Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry's responsibility in the contract is fulfilled.  Any further contact will set up a new account and payment for repeat service. 

CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be done within the business hours and 24 hours in advance of the actual appointment. Email or voice mail is acceptable. Emailing or calling at midnight will not suffice.

A second appointment will be made immediately or upon IRAI's knowledge of cancellation. Client is responsible for proposing a new time and date with notification of cancellation. Failure to propose a second time or date with the cancellation will close the account. Failure to meet that second appointment time, will close the account and Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry will no longer be responsible for the contracted work.


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