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Between the Pillars February 2005          Vol.3  no.2

Retrograde motion of a planet is defined as apparent backward path motion of a planet as appearing from the Earth. Through the month of February and until March 21 the two transpersonal planets or social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, both appear retrograde to the Earth’s motion.

SATURN RETROGRADE BEGAN November 8, 2004 in Cancer. ENDS March 21 8:54 PM CST in Cancer. Saturn will have traveled 7 degrees in retro motion.

JUPITER RETROGRADE BEGAN on February 1st in Libra. ENDS June 5th 1:21 AM CST in Libra. Jupiter will have traveled 10 degrees in retro motion.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, inflation, good fortune, abundance, over-indulgence and spiritual awareness and education. Think BIG and you have the energy of Jupiter. Jupiter is the classic planetary ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces.

The retrograde motion of any planet has us looking inward and developing our inner awareness that is resonating a particular planetary energy.

Mundanely speaking, an example of Jupiter’s energy influence during this time, would be to examined some out-worn habits that need to cease, particularly in the areas of food and drink, that have a direct effect on physical health.

Jupiter is retrograde in Libra and Libra is the relationship sign, one might evaluate the close relationships and intimacy or lack thereof, during this time. One may make decisions regarding those relationships that do not provide the necessary fulfillment. Letting go of the fantasy of a relationship and welcoming the reality can also be light-bulb over your head during this time.

Spiritually speaking, Libra’s affect may also bring about the inner makeover on the spiritual inner landscape to birth the beauty of your soul for others to enjoy and share. Taking the time for attunement to your higher Self is focused during this time. The practice of meditation, prayer and/or yoga is accelerated during this time. As a suggested practice, take the time to write down what you receive as inner information. You will be surprised how this comes into play in your physical walk in years to come.

A more precise way we look at this period of time is from the true unique perspective of your own natal chart. Do you know what sign your Natal Jupiter is in and what the degrees are? Does your NATAL Jupiter form an ASPECT to the transiting Jupiter retrograde?

For example, the author’s natal Jupiter is 18 degrees Aries, currently, transiting Jupiter forms an opposition to my natal Jupiter. This is a time for me to understand my actions (particularly my past actions as my natal Jupiter is in the 4th house) and evaluate but then emerge from that analysis to a better relationship with myself and others. During this time I need to practice self-love and understanding as I can be overly self-critical. By digesting my own understanding, at an inner level, that the quick action of Aries needs the tempering of the compassion and love of Libra, for my own expansion and evolution, I make conscious what was unconscious. Choices now are made with clarity. Slowing down and breathing in the beauty of each step I take each day assists in that understanding.

How would we describe the potential energy of Saturn? The ringed planet has been called the Lord of Karma planet, the Lord of Time, and the Great Teacher. The classic planetary ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn.

One of the mistakes as a young astrologer I made was to interpret Saturn’s energy as placing LIMITS and RESTRICTIONS on us. A gross misunderstanding of the potential energy this planet offers. Saturn illuminates for us where and how we RESTRICT and LIMIT ourselves. This energy employs us to literally think outside of the box we have put ourselves in.

Saturn in Cancer, by looking at the essential dignities, is considered in detriment or not at full strength. Instead of looking at the planetary energy as the focus, the actual zodiac sign has more to present to the energy pattern than the planet. So Cancer characteristics come center stage.

Cancer corresponds with the fourth house and the luminary the Moon. Here we see an emphasis on childhood, family and ancestral values. Security and safety are two primary watchwords. What I would suggest is during this retrograde time, you might examine how our upbringing and parental values of the past have a hold on what you are seeking to accomplish in the present. [For those practicing other spiritual paths, this is an excellent time to do ancestral work].

Questions you may ask yourself during this time are: Why are you holding on to these days gone by so dearly? In that action alone, do you restrict your own expansion and evolution? How are you, instinctually, acting out past values and experiences in the present that may not assist our forward motion? Often this is unconscious action.

During Saturn’s retrograde it’s back to school on learning new ways to approach life. TIME to bring to the consciousness the unconscious. We do this with the assistance of the Jupiter retrograde energy by meditating and attuning to our higher Self.

Hand and Hand
Both Jupiter and Saturn are in CARDINAL SIGNS. The Cardinal quality is one of initiative, action, innovative ideas, impulsivity, and creative thought. We see this played out by the interaction of both planetary retrograde motions .

By going inward and becoming aware of how you are limiting yourself, that awareness brings to your conscious mind, new ways and creative ways of handling old problems. Personally, I look at both planetary retrograde times, as a welcomed illumination to my own restrictions to my personal evolution. This is the time for renewal of CHOICE of my own full potential.

As always, where your natal Jupiter and Saturn are in relationship to the transiting Jupiter and Saturn lends the most information on your personal evolution. Seeking further information on your own natal chart and today’s energy potential can be revealed by scheduling a personal consultation with a professional astrologer.

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Sources used for this article were:
Saturn: a new look at an old Devil by Liz Greene
Exploring the astrological key to Jupiter by Stephen Arroyo
Retrograde Planets: traversing the Inner Landscape by Erin Sullivan.