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Between the Pillars V.3 no.4

We at Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry hope you are having a wonderful Summer. With that in mind there are few tidbits we would like to impart:

On June 14th, Uranus went retrograde; sudden insight and instinctive action can be a direct result of this period.
On July 16th, Saturn moves into Leo; teaching you once again, the Universe knows the timeline. Time for leadership in your own self-discipline instead of trying to control others discipline.
On July 22nd, Mercury will go retrograde; inner communication and awareness. Daily meditations and guided visualizations bring about your own inner peace.
On July 22nd, the Sun will move into Leo; fiery king of the zodiac, leadership, children, romance and such. Great time to shed light on those hidden talents and artistic gifts for others to share.

AND on July 22nd, the Moon will have its second FULL MOON in the sign of Capricorn under the still Cancerian Sun.

Could we call this the astrological "blue" moon?

This second Capricornian moon has a different energy than the first one that occurred on June 21st of last month. Largely because it is on the cusp of both signs at the front (Sagittarius and the first full moon) and the end (Aquarius, this full moon).

To review: a Full Moon happens when the Moon and the Sun are opposite each other and the Earth has moved out of the way from casting its Shadow on that nocturnal orb. Astrologically in a chart, the Moon is exactly 180 degrees from the Sun. So if the moon's degree is 28 Capricorn51 minutes than the Sun's placement is exactly 28degreesCancer and 51 minutes. Cancer Sun and Capricorn moon are polar partners in the zodiac signs.

Polarity Chart or Opposite Signs of the Zodiac and their elements







Esoterically it could be said that the Sun (Spirit) is enlightening the Moon (Soul) with important information not seen in the previous cycle. The Earth (Matter) is no longer in the way of this dissemination.

The Full Moon energy presents itself as a pivot point in the lunation cycle. The first half from the New moon to the Gibbous stage activates much of your intuitive and instinctual ideas for manifestation.

The second half, from the Dissemination to Balsamic presents the opportunity for you to actively engage more on the conscious level to bring to fruition those ideas.

This potential energy offers the choice of review and re-evaluation of what has gone on in the previous two weeks. This may result in the action of flip flopping from your position to see your ideas in a different light. The shadowy areas are now lit up for our review and often revision of the first two weeks worth of projects.

So we felt this Full Moon energy in Capricorn last month under the Cancerian Sun following closely behind Summer Solstice and the Sagittarius FIRE Moon. The next full illumination is on July 21 and again, under the Capricorn sign and the Cancerian Sun, preceding the movement into the next sign, Aquarius and element of AIR.

We often refer to Dane Rudhyar's book, Astrological Mandala to give an idea on the flavor of the Moon's degree and sign. Often it gives us a point for personal mediation and meditation.

Excerpted below for your own consideration.

1 degree of Capricorn
Symbol: "An Indian chief claims power for the assembled tribe"
Keynote: The power and responsibility implied in any claim of leadership
Capacity latent in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group-situation

29 degree of Capricorn
Symbol: "A woman reading tea leaves"
Keynote: The ability to see the SIGNATURE of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one's attention.
What is implied is the ability not only to perceive the facts of everyday existence, but to see through these facts and discover how they are related to the realm of basic meanings or archetypal processes. This is essentially what is meant by true CLAIRVOYANCE, the capacity to see in everything the Signature of deeper realities.

Depending on where this Capricornian Moon resides in juxtaposition of your own personal natal chart, one can not make blanket generic statements of the affect at the personal level in this newsletter.

That is where a professional astrologer can assist you in interpretation.

What we would propose is to consider that something that may have been at its culmination last month is needing some revision and re-evaluation this month. It's a good time to rethink this full moon and maybe turn the projects started last month around this time on it's side (much like the planet Uranus rotates) for another perspective.

Capricornian characteristics naturally instill the ability to dot the "i's" and cross the "t's". It's not unusual to understand that this energy for about two days before and after the exact full moon will propose some activity of scrutiny for perhaps a deeper understanding. Because we are dealing with the polar signs, look also to the potential of examining relationships and changing ways of approaching rehashed subjects ad nauseum with those you love, thus bringing them under a new light.

As we close this letter, we invite you to attend one of my summer workshops that are currently offered. You can read about them at http://www.indigoray.net/summer2005.html
The three that are offered are: Your Lunar Self, Introduction to Personal and Soul Astrology, and Astrology and Healing.

CALL (608) 442-5156 to register and MENTION THIS NEWSLETTER TO RECEIVE 1/3 off of the class price. Or email astrology@indigoray.net with the subject 1/3 off of registered class.

As always, we wish you
Joy and serenity under all the Sun and Moon and the Stars
Jacquelyn and Ira

For further reading we suggest:
Moon Tides, Soul Passages by Maria Kay Simms

Astrological Mandalas by Dane Rudhyar