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(see example)

First fact to recognize is the Kite is always the same polarity, either feminine (Earth and Water) or masculine (Fire and Air).

Much like the Grand Cross fills out the missing leg of the T Square and provides for the direction needed, the KITE helps the Grand Trine with forming an opposition (180 degrees) with one of the planets in the Grand Trine, thus creating a focus for the energy of the Trine.

In our example, that would be Neptune in Libra. Remember, it is not always good to have all trines in chart. One needs the YANG, if you will, of squares and oppositions to assist the Trine to its full potential. A Kite configuration allows for the necessary perspective gained by the opposition and the sextiles. The opposition forms two sextiles (60 degrees) to the other two planets in the Grand Trine. In our example, that would be Pluto in Leo and the Midheaven.

The opposition enlightens the individual to take advantage of their talents that the Grand Trine offers. It becomes the focal planet. Because it is Grand Trine being expressed, there isn’t a guarantee that the individual will hop on the band wagon but its there if the individual chooses to do so.

In our example, Neptune in Libra in the Eighth House, indicates that this FIRE trine can manifest to a spiritual emphasis within the studies of the Occult sciences. The person may have an innate psychic ability because we are working with the energy expressed by Neptune. This study of the Occult Sciences could be used to assist people to understand better how they interact with others. In reality, this individual is a consulting Astrologer.

The two sextiles on the sides of the opposition provide an avenue for the opposition to be expressed. In this case of our example, we have one to do with the Midheaven (career, professional life) and the other avenue to do with Pluto in Leo in the Sixth house (healing, transformation, service). Both avenues help that opposition to be realized as that individual’s passion in life.

The Grand Trine is considered a “soft” aspect, lacking action and direction. It goes with the “flow”. The difference between adding the KITE to the Grand Trine is the individual becomes aware there is more to be done with this flow and that it does have a destination. IF the Kite has a Square or other oppositions playing off of it, it could be more stress. In the case of our example, the GRAND CROSS identified in that article does play off the Neptune in Libra. This individual is a “driven” personality.

So lets all hope for those that have this configuration in their chart that they all “go fly their kite”. Okay, could not resist the pun.