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Between the Pillars March 2005          Vol.3  no.3
Ah Spring…new growth begins…all at 6:33 AM Central Standard Time on Sunday March 20, 2005

Those of us who practice tropical astrology, call this the beginning of the wheel. Zero degree Aries. This date marks the the astrological New Year, beginning with the sun moving into Aries the Ram.

Balance is the key word at the time of equinox, so it is a good time to look at your personal peaks and valleys in this journey called life. Check to see if you are achieving the balance needed in work and play, relationships and time for yourself, the spiritual and the mundane?

The Chinese yin yang symbol and the first quarter moon or half moon are images of this balance between light and dark that occurs between our conscious and unconscious psychic material.

In our bodies, it is played out between health and dis-ease as a duality in our life.

The holiday, Easter, is set to this seasonal change. Each year it changes to be the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox. As with many of the Christian holidays, they were procured from the nature religions of the indigenous areas to convert these people to Christianity. This is one reason why Easter is tied to the lunation cycle and the equinox each year, thus to the agricultural and nature cycle. For the nature religion, this is a holiday when the Goddess returns from the UnderWorld Realm to be with her Mother for the next six months.

It is International Astrologer’s day on Sunday, so take your favorite astrologer to lunch!

Astrologically, we began with this new moon cycle, having the atmosphere of Pisces on March 10th. Beginning new projects and businesses during this monthly cycle will have a foundation in the spiritual disciplines. Maintaining your own personal integrity within these disciplines will assure success in the initiatory process. Through the practice of prayer and meditation, one may find their latent talents and gift just awaiting their call to action. This is a time to go within and work with your inner fire to access that creative thought and process to assure success.

On March 19th we have that quick planet, Mercury going Retrograde for it’s first time this year. It will remain retrograde until April 13th. Again, this is generic description of the retrograde energy and a reminder is the potential energy is unique to each person and how they co-create their life. It’s a great time to go within and to spend time meditating on the inner flame. Great time to take small workshops based on spiritual growth and development. If you are starting something new it’s a good time to take the time to plan out all the details rather than plunging forth.

Saturn, the great teacher, becomes stationary direct on March 21st at 8:53 PM CST, having spent nearly four months in retrograde motion. This change in potential energy may feel abit imbalancing. The urge may be to push the production of those projects that just can’t seem to go any where fast. The keyword is WAIT. Even though your personal perception of timing is every thing should be in its place right now and nicely completed; keep in mind the Universe is always ON TIME. This may create, by your own choice of reaction, frustration and impatience. Breathe and pace yourself. Know that you will see the completion and trust it will be in the perfect timing.

March 25th at 2:59 PM, the silver orb in the sky is at FULL at 6 degrees Libra. Aspects to this moon from both Venus and Mars indicates a shift in perspectives on relationships. This can be a healing time for all involved by just shifting one’s perspective from the self to the Other Self for a different view. Try to walk in the other person’s shoes. Examine if you are the giver or the taker in the relationship…and do the opposite in the full moon energy. Are you concentrating on the reality of the relationship or the fantasy? This is a highly physical amorous full moon, so sensuality can play nice role. This is also a great time to welcome new souls into your inner circle. You may meet new folks and feel like you have known them for many lifetimes. It can be a reality. The Sabian Symbol for this Moon in Libra: a man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision.

Jupiter interrupts the Moon’s light at 5:01 AM March 26th. Because Jupiter is retrograde it intercedes the moon’s energy on this day. The interpretation is time for evaluation of reorganization for expansive purpose. Take the time to reorient yourself to the process and have new perceptions on what is feeling so intense right now. If the inclination is to make a life change, set your sites on that change being manifested.

Now, to add to the pot of constant change, on that same day, Pluto goes Retrograde at 8:28 PM CST and in Sagittarius 25 degrees. Here we will see there may be a failing of the educational process regarding ourselves and how we wish to present ourselves to others. Trust issues may be a problem. Pluto affects us for four months so this will be a developmental process. Have faith that all will be well.

Blessings to you all in this growing light

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