Between the Pillars Newsletter V.3 no.5
Autumn Equinox 2005
(Click here for the Autumn Equinox Chart)

We see the Sun move into the Cardinal-Air Sign of Libra today at 5:23 PM Central Daylight savings time. What a gorgeous time of the year. Temperatures are just right, the blue of the sky beautiful blends with the changing of the colors. It is a time to think of Changes.

To think of the Autumn Equinox planetary energy one must understand the astronomical happening. The Autumnal Equinox happens once a year. At this time, because of the motion of the Earth around the Sun and because the Earth is tilted, the Sun crosses over the Earth's equator on its way South. This makes the time the Sun is above the horizon the same amount of time as below the horizon. Equal light and equal dark of about 12 hours.

This celestial event heralds the season Fall and begins the final harvest of the Summer. The time is of importance as the long dark days of Winter happen next. One might spend their weekends preserving the bountiful harvest from those summer days. For us at IRAI, astrology aside, this is a time of honoring the Earth and her gifts. There is a sense of deep thanksgiving for the beauty and the bounty. Yet, this Autumn Equinox is sadden by the events Hurricane Katrina and still threatened by the newest storm development of Hurricane Rita. We are forever reminded again of the yin and the yang of Nature and the changes within moments of time. Our hearts and sympathy go to the families and victims of Nature’s reminder. We ask our readers to give abundantly from their hearts to the Red Cross in their efforts to restore and rebuild.

Under the Libra Sun sign we will see Mars goes Stationary Retrograde on October 1 at 5:03 PM CDT 23 degrees Taurus and 11 minutes of Taurus. The Red Planet plays a beautiful bright role once again in our skies this Autumn. It will be retrograde until December 9th.

Earth is moving toward Mars at a speed of 23,500 mph, which means the red planet is getting bigger and brighter by the minute. In October, when the two planets are closest together, Mars will outshine everything in the night sky except Venus and the Moon. That date is October 31st at 9:19 PM CST. Hail Halloween!!

Now that’s the astronomy but the astrology to go with this is just as illuminating as the proximity of Mars. The Red Planet is in Taurus and this celestial happening is when the Sun is in it’s opposite sign Scorpio, which Mars traditionally rules and in modern astrology shares the rulership with Pluto. The writer does not profess to be a mundane astrologer so I will yield to the many sites on the web that are expert in this interpretation. and However, as I write this I can say for myself this retrograde and physical event will have a personal effect on myself as my chart with my stellium in Aries and Mars in Scorpio.

In interpreting this for myself I turned to two resources. The Mars Book by Donna Van Toen

The second resource comes from a software program called Daywatch™ . I know how each Station or Retrograde will potentially affect me because the software matches it to my natal chart data and computes the information. I receive a thumbnail sketch of how all the stations (RETROGRADE/DIRECT) are going to affect me this year or any other year. Click here to view a PDF of a full year report for John Lennon.

To order this yourself readout and interpretations on Stations affect on yourself for one year from any date you choose, click here. This is emailed to you as a .PDF for the price $10.00 pay by PayPal only.

Enjoy the Colors!
Jacquelyn and Ira
Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry