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  T-Square Planetary Configuration (see example illustration)

       This is formed by three planets or luminaries (Sun and Moon). We have two planets being OPPOSITE (180 degrees) each other and the third one SQUARED (90 degrees) to each OPPOSITE planet. (See illustration) This configuration forms a RIGHT TRIANGLE.

       The energy expressed enlightens obstacles to overcome but also this energy gives ambition to overcome those obstacles. The opposition of the two planets play out in a seesaw action of tension and awareness. The focal planet energy works to assist in the resolution of this seesaw action.

       In sacred geometry and esoterically speaking, right triangles operate on the level of what the Greeks called "nous" which is the realm of the spirit and of the higher self and higher guidance. Because it is also an isosceles triangle, T-Squares also operate on the "soul" level or the mental/emotional level. The key to working with a T-Square is to learn how to tap into the higher levels of guidance of CONSCIOUSNESS and to discover different and more supportive ways of releasing the stress and pressure of the squares through taking action with the focal plane.The t-square is part of the squaring the circle path. When you combine two right triangles back to back it forms a GRAND TRINE

       The focal planet is the apex of this configuration or the planet the opposite planets are squared off. This point gives us a great deal of information for the energy expression of the T-square. Beginner Astrologers will often mistakenly look at the T Squaresas negative in the natal chart. However, many presidents, actors, and just plain great people have had T Squares in their chart and were successful because the T Square energy offers FOCUS on seeking the balance.

        When examining the energy influence of the T Square we look at these factors:

1) what ELEMENT is the sign of the focal planet

2) what is the MODE of the T Square

3) what energy opposite the focal planet can help to balance out this wobbliness, where is the likeliness of this focus—what house?

4) is the PLANETARY RULER of the chart a member of this triangle

5) what aspects or angles near by interplay with the members of the group

 1. We focus on the ELEMENT of the sign that the focal planet occupies.This element usually illuminates the kind of action that the T-Square will tend to generate.

FIRE= physical, tangible, identity-oriented; EARTH = material, practical; AIR = mental and   relationship oriented WATER = emotional and spiritual).

2. Examining all three planets and their signs we find what MODE or QUALITY is being expressed.

CARDINAL SIGNS: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The Cardinal T-Square is concerned with the question of identity.

The sign of the focal planet will indicate where the point of focus and integration will be:

Aries = individual identity; Cancer = emotional identity; Libra = social identity; Capricorn = accomplishments and tangible, material expressions of identity.

       Planets in Cardinal signs have impulsiveness as a trait of this configuration. Waiting is not something they do well. They are natural born leaders because of this inability to wait for someone else to take the gavel.

       The Cardinal quality is prone to lots of action but whether or not that action is productive is another question because often the impulsivity wastes energy. The focal planet will lend insight to where the focus of activity might be the best potential of success.  In our example, the focal planet is Uranus and it is in Cancer the FOURTH house.  This individual has been very successful running a home business on the internet as a consultant.

FIXED SIGNS: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Again we examine the focal planet in a Fixed T-Square. What element is the sign of the focal planet? This planet will be have the energy impulse to show where the most stress is in one’s life and their own stubborness to change may lie.

Taurus= material possessions, shop-a-holic, Leo=drama king/queen, out of touch leader, Scorpio = keeping information to one self, could be a little on the paranoid side and Aquarius = innovative ideas but little or no energy for manifestation.

       The opposite planet in Fixed signs tend to maintains the stability. Both planets eventually, understand and respect the energy expressed and work together. So we would look to the opposite planet of the focal planet to focus on stability for this t-square. This is where the flexibility is learned in order to transform. 

MUTABLE SIGNS: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

With a Mutable T-Square the challenge is focus and coherence on the transformation mutable signs seek.

        All three planets are concerned with healing and completion but there is a tendacy toward passive rather proactive action. In this t-square, the focal planet often is the energy that is scattered the most largely because it doesn't take the heat well and prefers to get out of the kitchen. The practice of escapism is a characteristic of the energy of this t-square.

        This is a configuration that works well with the opposition because of the ease to adapt and find that inner harmony. So working with the opposing sign and house energy of the focal planet will allow for the awareness and teaching necessary for this energy to assertatively transform into its full potential if the person chooses that path.

3. We look at this configuration challenge of getting all three planets to play together as a team. The energy impulse is to have all three planets take off in different directions as their own lead impulse desires.

       This configuration has often been described as the three legged chair seeking that fourth leg for balance. The knowledge of the sign and house of empty leg of the chair shows us where the much needed balance and guidance for that T-Square.

       The house positions of all three planets also important. The house axis for the OPPOSING planets, 1st and 7th, 2nd-8th, 3rd-9th, 4th-10th, 5th-11th, 6th-12th, this will show where stress will come from, manifest and need to be attended.

        The house position of the focal planet, is where all the stress is deposited from both sides. Square angles indicate the potential of ACTION. So the stress is an indication for change needed and the focal planet energy amplifies the transformation energy. In order for this planet to act in a productive manner, it still needs an anchor. The "empty leg" of the T-Square is where this anchor is found.  So we look to the opposite HOUSE of the focal planet for that balancing end. In our example, the empty leg would be in the tenth house, Capricorn.  You can see how this looks on the Grand Cross example when we add the planet Chiron to the T Square to form the Grand Cross.

4. Where the planetary ruler is positioned in the natal chart also clues us in on the energy of the t-square, particularly if it is part of the configuration. Examine closely any aspects from the ruler to the t-square. Does the ruler assist the T-square resolution or does it work with the tension of the t-square? Does the t-square consist of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars), luminaries (Sun and Moon), or social planets (Jupiter and Saturn) or transpersonal (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)?  If the t-square is of the personal planets, the t-square energy has been and gone. If the energy is of the transpersonal planets...now that is all together different story and needs to be really looked at seriously.  In our example, we have Mercury, Saturn and Uranus.  One of each. It is safe to say this individual will most likely understand the energy of the resolution of this t-square LATER in life so this is not as passing as the personal planets. IF one of the points of the triangle are the Sun, Moon or the Ascendant/Midheaven, this will most likely be a lifetime of understanding.

5. Do any other aspect configuration intersect with the points of the T Square?  You always examine all the aspects of all three planets to see if there is over-abundance of energy on one point.  You might see a GRAND TRINE formed off of one of the points of the right triangle. Questions to answer is which point : opposition or square?  How does the Grand Trine affect the T square?  The point is you can not just look at the t-square in a vacuum.  It's one corner of the whole picture we call the horoscope, so I caution on use of generalizations.  See a story unfold with the energy of the T-Square as it interacts with the other planets within the chart

       ANGLES are equally important as planets. The ascendant, the descendant, the imum coeli, and the medium coeli. Check the degrees of the 1st, 4th house and see if there are planets forming the t-square.

When considering a T-Square, pay close attention to the element of the sign that the Apex planet occupies. This will help describe the kind of action that the T-Square will tend to generate (Fire = physical, tangible, identity-oriented; Earth = material, practical; Air = mental, social; Water = emotional, spiritual). The House positions of the planets, and of the Apex planet in particular are also extremely important. This will show where the stress will tend to come from (the house axis that contains the opposing planets) and where it will tend to manifest and need to be addressed (the house of the Apex planet).